Advocating for Christian-Focused  Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Just like the stock market, life itself has its ups and downs.

Are you a Christian who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and asked, “Why me?” You are not alone!

Welcome to the club. You’ve found a fellowship of believers that share a common goal and have been tasked with watching another bottom line: prostate related issues. At the center of our focus is God. He is with us on this “shadow of death” journey. Because He is there, we will “fear no evil”. Our bottom line is that God Himself and His Word brings comfort to us.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January of 2011, I immediately went online. I wanted to find a site that shared the same beliefs I do, and I did not find one. Feeling called by God, I saw the vision for bottomlinewatchers. In conjunction with this website, a book about my life’s journey is in the works.

Part of my vision for bottomlinewatchers is forming support groups where they are needed.

All this to help you watch the bottom line as a prostate cancer survivor.

Good News–PTL!!! Another PSA test has shown positive results to prayer, radiation, changed diet and exercise.  It is all part of watching the bottom line.

“We would see Jesus” at the bottom line of our relationship with God as well as our health and wealth. 

John 12:21

For the story behind this website, click here!

Douglas W. Allen with his granddaughter Bella

Founder, bottomlinewatchers

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